Recovering from an injury can be frustrating. Athletes often interrupt intensive training while others struggle with restricted mobility and fear of new limitations. At SkyHealth, we know that being active means injury is almost inevitable--it's a part of an active life. But through active management, SkyHealth can help you train through your recovery and emerge stronger. And smarter.

We work with you to alleviate pain, strengthen for targeted movements, and incorporate what you learn into your training and daily life. For lasting results, this means we create a workout routine that makes you sweat, while protecting and strengthening your injured area. Even for the less active, we teach new ways to move that prevent re-injury and help you live a better life.


As your recovery progresses, we may recommend personal training as a way to continue to build strength and integrate good habits into your fitness routine. Working in tight coordination with our personal trainers and other experts at SkyHealth, we help you to actively manage your progress, adapting your goals and strategy as you improve, and setting a strong foundation that lets you push yourself when you're ready.



As we develop a one-on-one relationship with you we work to understand your particular body and its strengths and quirks, your level of fitness, and what you want to achieve going forward. Then we create a strategy for recovery that integrates multiple specialties with a particular emphasis on manual techniques.

We integrate different philosophies, techniques, and disciplines into your recovery strategy because we see the connections between muscle groups and movements, and the causes of imbalances and their effects. You get the treatment that works for you and move past limitations. As needed, we can bring in nutritionists, yoga specialists, and refer you to a doctor from our wide network of sports medicine specialists.


  • Pathologies of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar
  • Chronic repetitive stress injury
  • Acute sports injuries