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SKY HEALTH is the #1 rated  fitness facility in Nyc built by physical therapists and personal trainers for physical therapists and personal trainers.

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SkyHealth NYC is built by professionals for professionals in New York City. More than just a personal training studio, SkyHealth NYC is a 2,400 square-foot facility designed to offer plenty of space and resources for both physical therapists and personal trainers.

"built by a physical therapist for physical therapists"

Founder Claude Hillel, a physical therapist, saw a need in the physical therapy and personal trainer arena that was desperately needed, and he filled it. This unique rooftop training and therapy experience affords therapists and trainers a tranquil, beautiful environment overlooking Midtown in which to help their clients be the best that they can be.

In addition to the beautiful views of the heart of New York, professionals can also take advantage of the fitness center complete with all the gear needed to assist their clients like resistance machines, free weights, Pilates and yoga gear, and more. They even have access to a kitchen, dedicated locker space, and PT modalities to ensure that their clients get everything they need.

As featured in Men’s Health and GQ magazines, this certified MBE/SMALLER FOOTPRINT facility is designed with the needs of physical therapists, personal trainers, clients, and the environment in mind. SkyHealth NYC offers a low plastic footprint, along with a sustainable approach to physical therapy and fitness. 

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