Best NYC Physical Therapy Gym for Patients

Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
Best NYC Physical Therapy Gym for Patients

Choosing the best NYC physical therapy gym is incredibly important when you need help rehabbing your body. Just like all physical therapists aren't created equal, not all gyms are created equal. Any gym can offer physical therapy space, but square footage is only a small part of the criteria that you should be looking for. It's important to keep several factors in mind when looking for a gym that fits your physical therapy needs.

Choosing the Best NYC Physical Therapy Gym

There are several criteria that you should consider when looking for a physical therapy gym to help you with your rehab needs. All gyms that have physical therapy space and therapists are not going to be right for you, so be sure you do your research so you can choose a gym that you'll feel comfortable in and confident with.

Know What Your Physical Therapy Needs Are

Begin by determining what your physical therapy needs are. Chances are, your doctor has already identified the problem. The next step is finding the right facility to address your specific needs. Take a look at the gym's website or visit it directly to see exactly what their physical therapy focus is. For example, some gyms specialize in sports-related physical therapy, while others might be geared toward the elderly or other specific areas.

Get a Feel for the Gym's Service

While you can research reviews and specialties online, the only way to get a true feel for the gym you're considering is to actually go check it out. It might seem like an inconvenience to do so, but when you're looking for the best NYC physical therapy gym, it pays. After all, in a city as big as ours, you're going to have many options to choose from.

Head to the gym, and make a beeline for the front desk. Remember, the front desk is the face of the gym. The customer service here will most likely reflect the entire facilitiy's approach to their customer's needs. There are a few criteria to keep in mind when speaking with the person at the counter.

  • Were they friendly and professional?
  • Did they take a genuine interest in your issue?
  • Did they ask questions about your PT needs and goals?
  • Did they offer any assistance with choosing a resident physical therapist? 
  • Did they offer more information? 

The entire tone of the gym and they gym's PT philosophy is often reflected at the front desk, so it's important to answer all of these questions.

Get a Feel for the Gym's Vibe

When choosing the best NYC physical therapy gym for you, the gym's vibe is as important as its policies. You need to feel comfortable wherever you decide to have your sessions, so if your initial stop at the front desk ticks all the boxes, ask to take a stroll around the gym.

Take in the atmosphere. Is it a place that makes you feel comfortable and safe? Is it clean? Do they follow safety protocols? Are the other people in the gym the kind of people that you like to be around? It may seem like a small thing, but when you consider that you could potentially be making weekly visits, that time adds up.

Discuss Cost

It's important to discuss cost when you've found a gym that you think might be right for you. If you're doing physical therapy at a gym, you'll be working with a privately practicing physical therapist. Some of these therapists bill insurance companies and some don't. Don't assume that your physical therapy will be covered just because you have insurance.

Discuss the cost per session, the billing policy, and if the session are covered by insurance. The last thing you want is a surprise bill coming to you. If you know in advance, you can determine whether the pricing and policy is right for you.

The Best NYC Physical Therapy Gym is the One You Love

There are many things to consider when looking for a quality gym, especially in a city as big as NYC. At the end of the day, the best NYC physical therapy gym for you is the one that makes you feel comfortable and ticks all the boxes.

At SkyHealth NYC, we think we're that gym. Our facility is clean, safe, and friendly, and we have excellent physical therapist that can almost certainly address your needs. Stop by or visit our website to see what we can do for you.