Finding Personal Trainers in New York City

Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
Finding Personal Trainers in New York City

Finding personal trainers in New York is easy. Finding the right personal trainer takes a little more effort. New York City is huge. This sprawling metropolis is home to almost 9 million people across all five of its boroughs, so there is definitely no shortage of personal trainers. So it's not about finding a personal trainer, it's about finding the personal trainer that suits your needs. That's what we're talking about today.

Finding Personal Trainers in New York City

If you live in the Big Apple, and you're looking for a personal trainer, you're going to have a lot of options. Just like the rest of us, personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of backgrounds. Every trainer is a little different, as is their approach. They also might specialize in different areas. It's important to make sure you have a list of criteria that will help you eventually find the right trainer for you.


First and foremost, be sure any personal trainer you consider is certified. Anyone can grab some weights, tell you to do a movement, and call themselves a personal trainer. However, to legally take on personal training clients here in NYC, one must first go to school to learn the craft. They also have to pass a certification test in order to actually practice that craft. Always ask to see certifications to ensure that the trainer you're considering knows what he or she is doing.


Just like many other fields, the personal training field has both general practitioners and specialists. When you're looking for a trainer, be sure you take your particular needs into account.

For example, if you're training for a marathon, you might not want a personal trainer whose primary focus is on bodybuilding. Sure, he or she will understand how the body works, but they won't know how to get the most out of it as it relates to endurance versus explosive power and strength. In much the same way, you wouldn't want a trainer specializing in endurance if you're looking to pack on mass and power. They're just two different areas of focus.

In both of these examples, the trainers are obviously good at what they do, but they might not be what you need. Keep that in mind when looking for a physical trainer in NYC.

References and Reviews

Always ask for references from any potential personal trainer and look for reviews online if possible. It's important to get an idea of how other people enjoyed - or didn't enjoy, as the case may be - their time with the trainer. Word of mouth is powerful, and people are always happy to share both negative and positive experiences.

Find a Great Personal Training Facility

In a place as crowded as New York, the chances are high that you'll be meeting your personal trainer at a gym. Inquire about which gym they use and then go check it out. Stop at the front desk and have a chat with the person behind the counter. They are the face of the gym, so the way they interact with you will speak volumes about the gym itself. Take a tour of the facility, paying close attention to the equipment, clientele, and staff. All of these combine to create an overall atmosphere that you'll be in at least one day a week, so it's important that it's one you're comfortable with.

Discuss Pricing

Some personal trainers charge per session. Some charge for packages. Some offer both options. Discuss these options with your trainer before entering into any kind of agreement. You don't want any surprises when you get your bill.

Making Finding Personal Trainers in New York City Easy

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