How SkyHealth NYC Benefits Clients

Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
How SkyHealth NYC Benefits Clients

Over the past several weeks, we've been talking about how physical therapists and personal trainers can benefit from working at a gym, in particular, our gym. However, today, we're going to talk about how SkyHealth NYC benefits the people who work with our therapists and trainers.

The SKYHEALTH Difference

There are gyms dotted all over Manhattan and throughout the boroughs. If someone is looking for a gym, they'll find one easily. Finding a gym is the easy part. Finding a great gym is a bit tougher. We're not saying that all the other gyms out there are terrible - far from it. We respect our fellow gyms and their staff. What we are saying, however, is that our gym is built differently.

Founded By a Physical Therapist

Our gym's founder, Claude Hillel, is a physical therapist, and he founded the gym with the sensibility of a physical therapist. Of course, this gym is full of all the gear you need whether training a cross-fit client or rehabbing a shoulder. However, in addition to all that gear, our staff takes the skill of our trainers and therapists very seriously. We're always happy to help you with your approach or give you pointers on modalities for certain PT needs. Don't worry, we don't hover while you work. We're simply there to help each other if asked.

Highly Skilled Staff

Because our founder is a physical therapist, he recognizes the importance of both physical therapists and personal trainers to help members reach their personal fitness and wellness goals. SkyHealth NYC is all about providing a space conducive to the best physical therapy and personal training sessions possible. When you become a member of the team, the rest of the team is there to help. From assisting you in helping a client break through a plateau or showing you a different way to rehab a muscle or joint, when you practice at our gym, you'll have access to a deep pool of talent that you can draw from.


Most gyms have showers and lockers. However, at SkyHealth NYC we have something more. We have a kitchen. In addition to being able to store your gear and shower after a long day, you'll be able to prepare your pre and post workout shakes and even meals in our kitchen. It's an added bonus that we consider a real quality of life enhancement for the clients that you bring to the gym.


We could have filed this under facilities, but we think it deserves its own section. One thing you definitely won't find at other gyms is the views that you'll see when you take advantage of our outdoor fitness area on the roof. This space is perfect for training and taking in some amazing views in the process. From our rooftop training area, you'll get views of the city that you can't find at other gyms as you help your clients work toward their goals.


You might not think of this when you're thinking of a gym, but we think it's one of the more important aspects. Friendliness is what makes a gym feel welcoming - like a second home where you bring your clients to grunt and sweat. There's no judgement here. No analyzing how much they bench or squat or how you do your job. Instead, we focus on making people feel at home, whether it's any or our family of trainers and therapists or their clients.

Come Visit Us at SkyHealth NYC

At SkyHealth NYC, we're committed to fitness for everyone. From those who are just starting on their physical therapy or personal trainer journey to long-time practitioners, we welcome everyone. We're happy to provide you with a fully outfitted space to take your sessions to the next level, delivering even better service and results to your clients. Stop by and give our facility a look. We're always happy to show you what we have to offer.