Physical Therapy for Runners

Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
Physical Therapy for Runners

Physical therapy for runners should be on your radar whether you're a long-time physical therapist or just starting out. Here in NYC, we have a lot of runners. Whether they do it to stay in shape or for the endurance required to run marathons or iron man competitions, runners abound in the city. As a physical therapy gym, we understand the importance of tapping into that market. That's why we're talking about physical therapy for runners today.

Physical Therapy for Runners

To the untrained, running might not seem like a pursuit that would necessarily call for a physical therapist. However trained therapists understand that while running isn't a full-contact sport, it's also not low impact. The repeated striking of the pavement with the feet can result in issues with the feet, ankles, knees, hips and even the back. A lot goes into running, and over time a lot can go wrong.

What Causes Injuries in Runners

The majority of injuries and conditions surrounding running are the result of an overload of force on the joints. Every time a runner lands on his or her foot, they're striking the ground with a force that can be between six and ten times their body weight. If the average male runner is 160 pounds and the average female runner is around 120 pounds, that's a force of upwards of 1,600 pounds and 1,200 pounds of force respectively per step. Now think about how many steps there must be in an average run. Now we can see why runners can and do require physical therapy services.

Common Running Injuries

When we look at the amount of force that runners subject their bodies to with every stride, it's no wonder that they suffer the kinds of injuries they do. The most common running conditions are:

  • Hip bursitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Runner's knee
  • Achilles tendonitis

Treating Runner Conditions

Over time, the stress that runners put on their bodies adds up, and they will absolutely need physical therapy to mitigate it. Treating their conditions can include a range of modalities including hot and cold therapy, hydrotherapy, mobility exercises, joint strengthening exercises and of course, rest. Any good physical therapist understands these modalities, which is what makes helping runners so important.

Include Physical Therapy for Runners in Your Portfolio

If you're a physical therapist in NYC, you should absolutely be targeting runners in your advertising - whatever it might be. The modalities most often used to treat runner conditions are ones that all physical therapists know and understand, making it an easy area to jump into. If you're a physical therapist, consider runners as a top priority. SKYHEALTH is a physical therapy gym that can help you do that. From our wide selection of equipment and physical therapy tools to our experienced resident trainers, we offer more than just gym space for rent in NYC. We offer expertise.