Renting Gym Space Packages Makes Cents

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Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
Renting Gym Space Packages Makes Cents

If you're a physical therapist or personal trainer looking for a place to practice, renting gym space packages just makes sense. Dollars and cents, that is. Different gyms have different pricing schemes for their gym space. Some charge by the session, no matter how many you might have or need, and some charge by packages. While both can and do work for people, packages tend to be both more affordable and easier to manage. That's what we're talking about today.

Renting Gym Space Packages

So what makes renting gym space packages more attractive than renting on a per-session basis? One of the biggest reasons is cost. If a gym rents their space on a per-session basis, they have to charge more. After all, there's no guarantee that they'll make enough money to stay open and serve their clients if they only sell space when it's needed. What if there's a lull? What happens to the gym? 

Guaranteed Revenue Equals Savings for You

To make sure they stay afloat and offer better pricing to their trainers and therapists at the same time, many gyms rent gym space packages. These packages guarantee trainers and therapists a set number of sessions per month and guarantee the gym a set amount of revenue. This helps both the gym and the therapists and trainers. Because the gym is guaranteed a certain amount of money for their packages, they can afford to offer them at a discount in a way that they couldn't if they were simply charing on a per-session basis.


Renting gym space packages also offers added flexibility to you. If you rent on a per-session basis, you are very limited. If you happen to get the stomach flu or your client has to reschedule and you've already booked a session slot, chances are you're going to have a hard time recovering the money you paid for it. However, when you rent gym space by the package, if the unforeseen happens, you simply reschedule and that session is returned to your package pool until you use it. Remember, you've already paid for it! 

Renting Gym Space Packages at SkyHealth NYC

At SkyHealth NYC, we believe that renting gym space packages is the best way to go for both the gym and our clients. It's a pricing scheme that's fair to both parties. We ensure our revenue stream doesn't dry up while also ensuring that our trainers and therapists get a fair price, from those just starting out to long-time practitioners.

We offer package options for both therapists and personal trainers. Therapists will pay more because they have access to more equipment, however our pricing is very fair for both trainers and therapists. We were founded by a physical therapist, and we're made for therapists and trainers. We know we do well when you do well, so we make sure we set a good foundation for success. That begins with fair pricing.

Give us a call or stop by the gym to discuss what package is right for your business. We'd love to hear from you!