Yoga Physical Therapy - An Ancient Activity in Modern PT

Claude Hillel
Claude Hillel
Yoga Physical Therapy - An Ancient Activity in Modern PT

Yoga physical therapy is a combination that should be on every physical therapist's radar. This method of exercise has a myriad of benefits when it comes to the physical therapy world, with quite a lot of overlap between the two. Last time, we talked about physical therapy weight lifiting. This time around, we're talking about how yoga can make a difference in your physical therapy practice.

Why Yoga Physical Therapy Works

General movement and mobility are part of any recovery for injured tissue or joints. In addition, limitations in a specific muscle group lead to movement compensation with other joints. This can cause further damage to the affected area and damage other areas as well due to improper movement of other joints as they compensate for the injured area. Yoga can be a powerful tool in addressing these issues and more.

Think about what a physical therapist generally tries to accomplish with his or her patients. In general, it involves rehab. Rehabbing any part of the body focuses on healing, mobility, strength and stability. Yoga is known as a low-impact activity that also promotes strength, mobility, endurance, and stability. The overlap is glaringly obvious. Yoga has all the hallmarks of what physical therapists try to bring to the table for their patients.


Yoga promotes increased mobility and range of motion when done correctly. The movements used in yoga can help individuals increase flexibility and mobility in tight joints as well as help stretch and loosen tight muscles which also contribute to decreased mobility and joint tension.


One of the key components of both yoga and physical therapy is stability. A stable joint is a healthy joint. Yoga movements help individuals activate their muscles, resulting in increased stability. By learning to actively use their muscles, patients can help keep their joints and core stable, which can help reduce the likelihood of reinjuring a joint or future injury.


Yoga physical therapy also helps promote strength. The same movements in yoga that promote flexibility and stability also help to strengthen the body. A strong body is a more stable body. In addition, yoga - when done correctly - has been shown to increase strength in a very low-impact way, helping to both reduce the risk of future injury and keep previously injured joints healthy.

Set Yourself Apart

From a purely business-focused standpoint, yoga physical therapy helps set you apart from other physical trainers. Yoga is often used by people to help them reach their fitness goals. It's far less common to see yoga incorporated into a physical therapy session. By offering yoga physical therapy, you have one more tool to offer potential or existing clients.

Make Yoga Physical Therapy Work for You

If you're looking for a way to stand out from the PT crowd and offer your clients something a little different, then consider yoga physical therapy. This won't happen overnight, but once you're a certified yoga instructor, you can incorporate this activity into your physical therapy to offer excellent functional benefits to your clients as well as something fresh and new. You'll need a great physical therapy gym in NYC for that, and that's where we come in.

Imagine bringing your client out to a roof area with gorgeous views of the city, a nice, breeze, and a mat. That's how you offer services that clients can't get anywhere else. If yoga physical therapy sounds like something that you think would work for you, stop by SKYHEALTH, and let's talk about it. We're always happy to welcome new therapists and trainers to the family. As one of the premier physical therapy gyms in NYC, we're ready and waiting to help you make yoga physical therapy work for you.